Restaurants have been facing a lot these days - government shutdowns and takeway-only mandates have been putting pressure on already low-profit margin businesses to stay afloat. But for restauranter Philipp Inreiter, it presented an opportunity to innovate.

I worked with Philipp and MRBL tech to create a custom QR-based check-in, ordering and seating system that encouraged conversation and exploration of and around food and the people who make it, while reducing operational overhead.

I designed the guest side web app that could be accessed via a QR code, and also the backend system which hosts used to process orders and manage seating.

From the beginning, this journey was about letting tech deal with technicalities while letting the team do what they do best - making sure guests had the night out they deserved.

Project Snapshot

Team: Gaana Srinivas, Sebastian Rindom of MRBL, Oliver Juhl of MRBL
Kōnā - Izakaya and Ramen,  Philipp Inreiter
App Design, Service Design, Communication Design
Lead Designer
June 2020 - Present

Initial Explorations

We used swim lanes to map out the service journey and provide clarity around what role the tech would play. Below is a digitised version of the output from the mapping exercise.

Guest App

Guests scan a QR code upon arrival at the restaurant, after which they can browse the menu, place their order, and pay. Drinks can be re-ordered separately.

Host App

The host app was designed in close collaboration with the chefs at Kona and aims to mirror their workflow. The seating layout mirrors the actual restaurant layout which is unique in that there are no tables per se, but a ramen "bar" so guests can mingle and watch the chefs prepare their food.

That's all for now, folks

If you like what you see, please get in touch because I would like a job. Thanks!