Project Vox

Project Vox is a provocation for makers of intelligent voice assistants

It is a set of design principles for designers and developers of home voice assistants that are more collaborative than cooperative, created by working for and with users.

This is Gaana Srinivas’ master thesis project for the Interaction Design Program '19 at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

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I spoke with power users, regular users, and non-users of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, conducted inquiries with these voice assistants themselves, and spoke with experts in the field of Personal Robotics, Machine Learning & Digital Anthropology among others.

The project took place over 3 months, from initial exploration to final presentation

I explored conversation design, voice prototyping, futurecasting and conducted a workshop. I also used the skills I had acquired earlier in the academic year; people-centered research and co-creation being chief among them.